Will the content be different for different option ?

No, the content of the classes will remain same irrespective of option you choose.

(the options are only to provide you with the required tools and equipments)

When to make the payment ?

You need to make an advance payment for the options as the required products will be made available as per interest of all the candidates.

*There might be a little difference in the tools and equipment provided to different candidates of same option due to the availability of the same, but rest assured they will all be approved by our mentor.

Can I cancel or change my option ?

There will be no cancellation/refund after a certain deadline as that will create chaos in arrangement of resources.

(We are trying our best to provide you everything needed, please understand our compulsion as well).

When will I get my kit ?

The kit will be provided to you on the first day of your class.

What if I choose a option with no tools provided?

if you choose to buy the tools on your own, that wont make you miss anything important as the first day of your class will be a theoretical class by a renowned historian and hence will give you enough time to buy the required stuff yourself.

(It might only be a bit difficult to find them)

How do I inform which option I want to choose ?

Once you have made your final choice simply mail us with your choice and we will provide you the details for payment mode and other required details.